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November 2, 2019

Marc & Taryn | Engagement Session at UW Madison Arboretum in Madison, WI

A romantic engagement session at the UW Madison Arboretum on a cloudy, chilly day. These lovebirds were all joyful smiles as we carefully avoided mud puddles and took some beautiful photos!

Their story begins in school! They always knew of each other, but they didn’t start talking until high school, when they’d tease each other for wearing sweatpants. They quickly became the best of friends.

Marc always had a crush on Taryn, and she unintentionally played hard to get. But one day, during a basketball game, Marc’s mom sat next to her, and Taryn chats her ear off. His mom just loved her, and went home to tell him that she had picked his new girlfriend!

One fateful day in Taryn’s kitchen, in March 2013, Marc so nervously asks her to be his girlfriend, that her dad laughs out loud and thought he was going to pass out!

But he receives his first yes! And that brings us to the next best yes…

He plans it all out. For their 6-year dating anniversary, he and Taryn plan a trip to Chicago. The day after their special day, the two dress up because he’s taking Taryn to a fancy lunch downtown. But to her total surprise (and fear of heights!), he took her on a whirlwind helicopter ride over the city instead!

When the helicopter descended, she saw her entire family in the window and instantly began to cry–she finally caught on to what was happening! Marc, grinning from ear to ear, asks his beautiful Taryn to be his wife, and she of course, says, ‘YES!’

And that brings us back to this UW Madison Arboretum romantic engagement session! It was such a joy to serve this perfect couple.

Now, we are SO BEYOND EXCITED for this amazing couple’s big day this year! It is going to be absolutely breathtaking, and we all cannot wait!

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Madeline Rome Engagement Session
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Madeline Rome Photography Engagement Session at Madison Arboretum
Romantic Engagement Session at UW Madison Arboretum
UW Madison Arboretum Romantic Engagement Session
UW Madison Arboretum Romantic Engagement Session

LOCATION: UW Madison Arboretum | PHOTOGRAPHER: Madeline Rome