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February 1, 2020

Welcome to our Studio! | Madeline Rome’s Creamery Office

Madeline Rome’s Creamery Office in Fort Atkinson, WI.

2019, you were fabulous!

2019 became a landmark year for Madeline Rome Photography, because we made the move from our at-home Homeschool Room, into our Studio Office! Our space is tucked up on the third floor of the Fort Atkinson Creamery Building. We love being minutes away from our home, and being right above our dear friends + favorite event venue, Creamery 201!

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
Come in & have a seat! Enjoy a tea, and let’s get to know each other.

Another major milestone: introducing our heirloom wedding books! Telling these magical stories and preserving memories forever in these swoon-worthy pages. I can’t wait to tell you more about them when you & your sweetheart stop by, because when I tell you these books are unlike your average wedding album, I mean it.

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
Morgan & Dom, a wedding at Rustic Manor 1848

2020, we see you!

We’ve got the first month of 2020 down, and 11 more months of pure magic to go. In the first month of this year: we launched our new website, created and printed our wedding-planning magazine, and we now look forward to 25 fabulous weddings!

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
Take your magazine home after you meet me at my office!

(Why are we so excited? Because we have the best job ever! We make sure your Best Day Ever is effortless and peaceful, along with preserving the many precious moments that will take place.)

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
It’s us! Forever together in marriage, parenting, & wedding photography.

We love our peaceful studio

We said ‘au revoir!’ to noisy coffee shops! Having our own private space to meet with couples in the bright light of these windows never gets old. Nick and I often joke that coming here feels like a mini-vacation (because we have 3 wonderfully wild kids that keep us on our toes 24/7!).

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
The peaceful place that we edit, design, maintain, and create.

And because we’re devoted lovers of minimal, Scandinavian, and industrial style, our space sure feels like a slice of heaven.

It makes editing, writing, designing, (and many other nerdy things that Nick loves) feel like even more of a blessing. We don’t take it for granted.

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
A Luxury White Oak Luxury Book, with a Warm Gray Maple Design Box + Pink Ribbon

Your memories won’t just fade away

A huge reason that that I’m so excited for this new year, is knowing every single couple is going to stop back in to relive all their wedding memories. They’ll sit on the couch to watch their book’s slideshow, snuggled in with their new spouse. Then, they’ll design their very own book, down to the T. After that, their book is ordered. When it arrives from its journey from Italy to the States, they’ll take home a luxury heirloom. Most times, this is their first true heirloom as a married couple. Isn’t that just magic? Yes!

It brings me more joy than I can say! Why? Because I live for smiles like these:

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
Michael & Becca, a wedding at Lake Windsor Country Club

Thanks so much for visiting Nicholas & Madeline Rome’s Creamery building office! We hope you love our little space as much as we do.

And here’s to 2020! We’re so excited for what lies ahead. To see our beautiful couples pass through our door all year long is going to be amazing. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon, too! Click here to skip ahead to our contact page–I can’t wait for you to stop by!

Madeline Rome's Creamery Office
Jordan & Kaitlyn, a wedding at The Waters

love, the romes