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February 20, 2020

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

Planning your engagement photos outfits is easy, all you need is a little insider guidance!

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

Hello, friends!

I’m so excited to share a comprehensive blog about planning your engagement session outfits!  This isn’t just your average post on ‘what to wear’, or ‘what not to wear’ (while yes, that’s in here, too).

The advice I’ve given in the past has certainly changed & matured over time. It focuses on teaching you how to make something truly ‘your own’, instead of something I like personally.

I’ve shot nearly 100 engagement sessions over the course of 5 years, and I’m excited to help you make this amazing.

Why?  Because I want you to have photos that showcase who you are as a couple, and ones that you can be proud of.

Ready?  Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s dive in!

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

Define Your Style First

And be mindful with Pinterest

If you type ‘engagement photos outfits’ into Pinterest, you’ll tumble into rabbit hole.  Most will be amazing, and you’ll Pin the afternoon away.

Your board soon looks like hundreds of pretty Pins of pretty people. But were you able to settle on something you really loved?  You might have a better idea, but most likely, you’ll be typing a new search term. And then you’re back in the rabbit hole.

Let’s get you that guidance to help you find the right outfits that are perfect for you, not just a mess of randomness.

Step away from Pinterest for a second and meet me at your closet.  Why?  Because we have to discover your very own style!

Let’s rediscover the things that you truly love wearing. The styles & colors that make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and just like you.  File through all your pieces, and find what it is that truly ‘sparks joy’, as the kids say these days.  (And while you’re there, donate all the items that you’ll never wear, doesn’t fit, or you just don’t like.  Trust me, you’ll feel so much better!)

Once you find the pieces that truly define your style, it makes searching for those perfect Pins so much easier!  You’ll type in ‘black pleated skirt outfits’ or ‘mauve dress outfits’, and find hundreds of results that preach to the choir.

And then all the other Pins become irrelevant. Isn’t this such a way better way to browse Pinterest?  I think so!

You’ll make intentional searches based off your favorite pieces.

Engagement session outfit inspo

Shop Your Closet Before Buying Something New

Since we just went through your closet to narrow down & rediscover the items that you truly adore wearing, you didn’t need to charge anything to your card!  That’s another win, my friend!

But, if you now need a specific color nude heel to match that dusty rose dress, you’ll have a clear goal going in to the shops.

Choose A Color Palette

The next step in building your best outfits, is choosing a color palette for each set. This is where Pinterest really comes in clutch when planning your engagement photos outfits. You’ll find color palettes that show the complimentary colors for your favorite ones.

Another nice thing is, if you happen to find the perfect Pin-spiration, you can create your own palette off of it. If you still need some guidance, visit my Pinterest board to see a variety of color palettes for building outfits that flow, and aren’t too matchy-matchy.

Engagement session outfit ideas

Style Yourself From Head To Toe

Do your hair toss, check your nails

It’s cloudy with a 100% chance of your nails being in the photos (a closeup of your sparkly rock on my to-do list!). So, whether you make a trip to your favorite nail tech, or give them a fresh coat at home, be sure to add a manicure to your to-do list.

Most brides will use their engagement photos as an opportunity for a trial hair & makeup run with their stylists.  It’s a fabulous idea because you’ll see how your look holds in the weather, and how it looks in photos.  Not to mention, you feel pampered and beautiful for your session (and that’s exactly what I want for you!)

Include your precious heirlooms

Honor your loved ones by including heirlooms.  His great-grandfather’s watch, your late aunt’s necklace…these are simple, beautiful ways to infuse subtle meaningfulness for you and your families.

I can’t wait to see what you put together for your session.  Be sure to fill me in on every important little detail!

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

Don’t ‘Date’ Your Photos

Make your photos timeless

Ah, trends.  We love to hate them, and we love to love them!

It can be hard to see the silly things in fashion while we’re in the thick of the decade. But when you’re planning engagement photos outfits, if you want to avoid ‘dating’ your session (and avoid hearing your future kids giggling about what you wore), let’s take some steps to make your session timeless.

When you look at a photo and not immediately know what time period it comes from, consider it timeless.

We achieve this first, by avoiding obvious trends.  Then, we avoid prints, wild cutouts, neons, and excessively bright colors. Instead, reach for tried-&-true classics and more solid colors.

These decisions will put the focus on the romance, and not the decade. (Unless of course, that’s what you’re going for.)

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

For the Guys

The Very Basic Tips & Suggestions

Opt for solid colors.  Choose a button-up shirt instead of a polo.  Wear dress shoes or boots.

Get your nails trimmed, hair cut & styled, beard trimmed.

Wear the right socks for your shoes. Wear the right undershirt for your button-up (match the color–don’t wear a black shirt under a white one).

But truly, the best thing you can do, is be there for your fianceé.

It’s okay if you feel nervous. My job is to put you both at ease, and tell you what to do with your hands. I don’t like awkward photos either, and my goal is to make this experience amazing.

Other Things For Your To-Do-List

Have your ring cleaned! Most jewelers offer complimentary cleaning. If not, here’s a blog that talks about how to safely clean your engagement ring at home.

You can also consider fun reception ideas for your photos, such as a guest sign-in book, a blown-up photo for guests to sign, and so much more!

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

Some Do’s And Don’ts

While I can’t exactly say what you should and shouldn’t wear, here are some things I can suggest.

First, is don’t buy something new right before your session. Often times, you have no idea how you ‘really look’ in that outfit, and I don’t want you to be surprised by that.

If you’re self-conscious about your weight, avoid wearing skin-tight outfits. While it is my job to pose in flattering ways, there are some things that would be inappropriate for me to Photoshop. Note: flowy outfits are always flattering!

Please don’t be shy-let me know if there’s anything that bothers you. Whether that’s about your appearance or something about photography. If you don’t like kissing photos, I won’t know that unless you tell me. (We have that question and many more, in our Engagement Session Planning Questionnaire).

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

*Bonus Tip*

The thing about skirts & dresses

Between you and I, when I think about swoon-worthy photos, I think of wind-swept hair, eyes closed, lips close, a dress flowing in the breeze…

Why? Dresses & skirts add movement and interest to your photo.  It’s flattering because the eyes are drawn away in the texture and lines of the skirt.  

This isn’t to say that everyone should do this when planning engagement photos outfits, but it’s one romantic facet of photography that I adore.  I love it for the same reasons I love a long veil on the bride.  It adds the romance that makes us swoon.

Planning Engagement Photos Outfits

And there you have it! See, what’d I tell ya? Planning engagement photos outfits can (and should!) be fun & stress-free!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Engagement Session planning sister posts on my blog at