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March 31, 2020

Choosing Engagement Photos Locations

Choosing engagement session locations will be a snap for you with this helpful advice. Let’s make sure we find the perfect spots for you!

The scenery helps tell your story. Just look at the photo below. The short wall with flowers that match her dress, and the kisses of romantic reds, too…could it be any more romantic?

Ready to learn more? Grab yourself an iced coffee and let’s dive in!

Choosing Engagement Photos Locations

Let’s Find The Perfect Spot

You already chose the perfect outfits. (If you haven’t, read how to here, then come back to this one!) Now, it’s time to choose the perfect backdrop for your photos.

How do we do this? We let your style set the location. Where would you expect to see a suit and cocktail dress? I’m thinking a downtown cityscape, or a stately garden! That cozy sweater & booties will look perfect in a scenic park or nature trail.

And remember, while that is a great way to narrow down a perfect location that really makes sense for your outfits, sometimes, rules can be broken!

If you do choose to wear a classy ensemble to a nature park, bring shoes to switch out your heels with. If you choose to wear a cozy ensemble downtown, know that it’ll all be just fine. Breaking this rule won’t “break” your session.

Choosing a perfect engagement session location

The Perfect Spot v.2

Does your Engagement Session comes with a second location? If you have another spot to consider, it should be one that is nearby, because traveling will eat into shooting time.

Remember to wear the right outfit to each location.

The best suggestion I give to my couples, is choosing a spot that is diverse. A beach might be part of a bigger nature preserve. A lake might be right around the corner from a downtown area.

Let’s be mindful when choosing your engagement session locations. These little tips will help you & your photographer make the most of your session.


Meaningful Locations

The next thing to consider, is choosing somewhere meaningful.  Did you meet your fiancé at a party on State Street?  Madison’s Downtown might just be the perfect place for you!  Did he propose on a beach overseas?  Milwaukee’s got some beautiful beaches, too!  

After that, when you’re thinking about places you’d like to shoot, the knee-jerk idea might be to find a place that is new, secret, far-away…you get the picture.  This isn’t always necessary!  Often times, the perfect place is right around the corner.

Sometimes those ‘secret places’ are tucked into a busy park. You just need the right person behind the camera to see it. And that’s my job! I love taking a little stretch of land that feels ‘average’, and making it feel magical.

What’s The Forecast?

Because your session is scheduled sometimes months prior, we can’t know what the weather will be. I personally always ask for a backup date just in case of a downpour. Unless you have your heart set on a sunny day, we won’t reschedule unless that happens.

Being flexible will eliminate a lot of stress for yourself. (Just be sure to fill in your hair stylists & makeup artists as well.)

The Specific Locations

For my Wisconsin friends looking for specific suggestions on a place to shoot, I’ll send you is a list of amazing locations. If needed, I’ll also help you narrow down the perfect location for the outfits you’ll choose.

And there you have it! Some helpful advice on choosing your engagement session locations from a wedding photographer that cares so much about her couples. These easy tips will help guide you to the perfect spot for your engagement session.

Need help choosing your outfits? Or help deciding when to shoot? Be sure to click the Planning category on my blog to find more helpful advice!

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