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April 23, 2020

8 Wedding Reception Tips To Keep Guests Longer

Some uncommon wedding advice: 8 wedding reception tips to keep guests longer.


Let’s be honest:  the best DJ in the world can’t going to get EVERYONE on the dance floor.  (While a great DJ can get shy people out, he’s not going to convince your Aunt Jane who had her knee replaced last winter!)

While I understand, it would still be sad to see her leave right after the parent dances!  In my mind, weddings are for everyone to enjoy, not just the very-able-bodied folks.  That being said, here are 8 wedding reception tips to help keep your guests at your reception longer.


1. Engagement Session Sign-In Book

Considering our beloved elderlies, not everyone is on social media to enjoy all the swoon-worthy photos from your engagement session.  What better way to show them off, than to provide a guest sign-in book?!  That way, anyone who missed them gets to enjoy them in beautiful print, and you also get a darling little note from them to enjoy, too.

8 Wedding Reception Tips

2. Framed Photos of Late Loved Ones

On it’s own, it’s a beautiful way to honor those that brought us here (or our parents, for that matter!) A table set with framed photos of our loved ones watching from Heaven is a beautiful sentiment for everyone. It’s also an opportunity for your guests to share stories and memories over a champagne flute.  These photos are probably already set up in your home, (or your relatives’), and they’d love to bring them!

8 Wedding Reception Tips

3. Photo Albums

Lay out your childhood photo albums of the bride & groom, and let your guests ‘aww’, and laugh over those chubby cheeks!

4. Centerpiece Ideas

Keep guests entertained with disposable cameras, a deck of playing cards or other tabletop games, or a scavenger hunt!

5. A Bigger Dessert Spread & Late Night Snacks

This isn’t just because *I* am obsessed with desserts, I promise! (Although that’s a fraction of the pie, tbh).  I’m a witness—dessert tables are always a huge hit at weddings, especially when it’s something that people can revisit and enjoy while they’re talking to each other.

If you have a sign that states the Late Night Snacks Roll Out at 9pm, there’s a really good chance your guests might hang out til then, and then stay a while after!  After all, who doesn’t like pizza after a drink or two? 😉

8 Wedding Reception Tips

6. Ways They Can Share With You

If you have a decorative jar with some scrap paper, and a sign that reads, “Share A Date Night Idea with the Newly Weds!” Know that your guests would LOVE to spend some time writing something out for you!  (Especially our elders!)

7. Outdoor Seating

In Wisconsin, we sure do have some beautiful summer evenings, don’t we?   Even leading into fall, it’s so refreshing to step outside the party and enjoy the sunset, or a quiet chat under the market lights.

If your venue has an outdoor seating area or a firepit, be sure to use it!

8. Outdoor Games

During cocktail hour, keep the kids and high-energy guests busy with outdoor games! Bean bag tosses, giant Jenga, checkers, and other favorites…none of your guests will be bored!

Visit this blog post from The Knot to see tons more outdoor and indoor games and activities you can have at your wedding!

8 Wedding Reception Tips

Honorable Mention: The Photo Booth

The photo booth is a perfect way to give your guests (and yourselves) a fun memento from your special day, but it’s not necessarily a long-lasting


A disclaimer:  these ideas work better together!

Sometimes, it’s a combination of a few that creates the welcoming vibe that keeps guests at your reception longer.   And that’s all we want, am I right?   Spending more time with our loved ones, and knowing they’re having an amazing time on your best day ever, is the goal!

And there you have it, brides-to-be! 8 wedding reception tips to keep guests longer, and help them make more memories, and have loads of fun, too!

Be sure to visit the blog for more wedding & engagement session planning advice & tips!

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